Properly caring for glassware can save your money and time.
You may clean the glassware by using a dishwasher or by hand wash.

It is recommended that all crystal glasses to be cleaned by hand wash as this keeps the shinning of the glass for a long time and also protects its from scratches that may arise from by mixing the glass with other utensils while using your dishwasher

Also when washing by dishwasher put the glass in a rack compartment as this will prevent the glass from scratching with each other.

Also it is recommended to use a microfiber cloth for drying your glass as this will keep your glass more shinny and brighter. A microfiber cloth can engross more water than its weight and this is the reason that it is considered best in cleaning a glass without blurring and having no trace of residuals.

Try to avoid cleaning your glass with a paper towel or regular cotton as it can lead to leaving marks or scratches on your glasses.
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